Болезнь Шпренгеля (высокое стояние лопатки)

Clinically, characterized in that one of the vanes, often left, the other is above 4-5 cm, it is less healthy 1-2 cm blade rotated around the anteroposterior axis offset angle to the lower protrusion of the spine and the upper edge. This disease is often accompanied by other skeletal deformities: split edges (plug Lyushka), wedge-shaped thoracic vertebrae fusion of two cervical vertebrae, cleft temples, etc. May be a significant limitation of movement of the shoulder joint, shoulder elevation possible to 90 °.

Congenital high standing of both blades is observed very rarely.
Conservative treatment of congenital high standing shoulder blade is used only as a preoperative preparation, because they themselves have no effect. The operation is to mobilize the scapula, and the downgrade of its fixation on the new site. It is better to perform the operation at the age of 5-6 years. Without waiting for significant secondary changes, which determine the prognosis of the disease.

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