Грыжа Шморля

Paraduodenal hernia – lies at the heart of the formation of the local penetration of substances through the intervertebral disc hyaline end plate of the vertebral body into the cancellous bone. Hernia SHmorlja at a young age is a rare pathology and radiological often manifests itself after the age of 50 years. Hernia SHmorlja often detected in the middle and lower segments of the thoracic spine and less – in the cervical, lumbar and verhnegrudnom .
Degenerative- dystrophic process in middle- aged and elderly people may be slow .

Chondroid tissue of the intervertebral disc , penetrating into the vertebral body , causing atrophy of the bone on the pressure. Under the influence of pressure from the herniated nucleus pulposus size SHmorlja may eventually increase, sinuvertebralny irritating the nerve and cause a variety of pain in his back. Hernias SHmorlja localized in the central regions of the vertebral body usually does not cause any discomfort and identify accidental radiological finding. However, the localization of the posterior and posterolateral hernia SHmorlja can break through Limbus vertebra intervertebral foramen or spinal canal . In such cases, the patient complained of local pain, radicular or medulyarnuyu neurological symptoms , which can serve as a basis for further surgical treatment.

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