Килевидная дефорация грудной клетки


Meets 4-10 times less than the funnel . In boys, this deformation occurs 3 times more often . The first manifestations of VKDGK observed in 3-5 years, half of the patients it occurs with the start of puberty, the “jump” of growth. In 26% of patients with ” chicken breast ” is celebrated in families .

The reason VKDGK also not fully understood . The reasons may be a violation of the ribs and sternum , especially the discrepancy rate of growth in the circumference of the chest and diaphragm growth in the frontal plane. Stunted diaphragm pulls the sides of the ribs , sternum anteriorly to reject .
Computer- tomogram ( a cross-section in the thoracic region ) patients with keeled deformity of the chest.

In VKDGK has less effect on the impaired function of the chest than the funnel . Conservative treatment VKDGK not effective.

There are more than 10 different methods of surgical treatment keeled deformation. The clinic spine surgery “Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine” , the following technique: the operative approach L- shaped . At the edge of the sternum cross rib cartilage IV-VII ribs, incomplete cross the intersection ( sternotomy ) below the sternum III- fixing their ribs. The lower part of the sternum is deflected backwards and displayed in the correct position. The resulting excess of edges cut off the ends of the rib cartilage Mylar seams stitched to the edges of the sternum. Thus, we achieve stability at the front of the chest wall with no additional preservative.


prior to surgery after surgery

From the second day the patient gets to his feet , at 7-10 days after the healing of wounds and stitches removed a patient discharged home.
During the year, recommend release from exercising, limit physical load .
The positive results of surgical treatment VKDGK achieved in 95 % of patients.

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