Лечение остеопороза

Остеопороз: причины, диагностика и лечение

Bone – a living tissue that needs to be constantly updated to keep its durability and quality. In women over the age of 50 years after menopause occurs imbalance between the formation and destruction of bone tissue. Education falls far short of the destruction of the bone , the bone becomes ” porous “, its strength is reduced . This increases the risk of fractures.

Fractures can occur even with small traumatic effects (travel on public transport, sea bathing , cleaning the house , the slope to the oven , cough … ) . The most common osteoporotic fractures occur vertebrae , hip and wrist. Hip fracture leads to disability , immobility , need for surgery , permanent dependence on nursing care . Vertebral fractures can be accompanied by pain in the back or be ” dumb “, lead to a decrease in growth, bending posture (” widow’s hump “).


Parents had osteoporosis or fractures after minor stroke
There used to be fractures after minor bumps / falls into adulthood
Medical applications of glucocorticoid hormones (cortisol and prednisolone) for more than 3 months
Reducing the growth of more than 3 cm after 40 years
Low body weight (less than 57 kg ), smoking
Alcohol use safer amounts (more than the equivalent of 20 ml of alcohol per day)
Frequent diarrhea (due to chronic intestinal diseases )
Cessation of menstruation before the age of 45 years
Menstrual disorders (lack of menstruation ) 12 months or more , is not related to pregnancy, menopause or surgery


Do not drop
Increase the reception of dairy products ( or supplement them with calcium supplementation )
Maintain body weight is normal
Be physically active
Spend more time in the sun and fresh air ( or take extra vitamin D )
Do not smoke , limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine
Osteoporosis is a conservative (receiving different antiosteoporoticheskih antiresorptive drugs or bone forming agent) and surgical.
At the turn of the vertebra ( the verified by magnetic resonance imaging , computer or X-ray ) is performed rentgendensitometriya and can put the indications for surgical treatment ( vertebroplastika. kyphoplasty , transpedicular fixation ) .

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